Rescue Services and Rescue Kit

7 Day Bar Tune-up and 7 Day Restaurant Tune-up:

These are very popular programs where 1 or 2 of our consultants come to your property for 7 days. This package provides 7 days of analyzing and fixing the problems that are keeping you from maximum profits. These programs are customizable based on your needs and typically includes a complete menu re-engineering (with unlimited revisions until you are satisfied), cost analysis, competition price comparison, guerilla marketing implementation, training and implementing methods to reduce your labor and overhead costs.  For more information about these programs, click on 7 Day Bar Tune-up or 7 Day Restaurant Tune-up.

Groupon Rescue:
Most restaurant and bar owners regret using Groupon.  Some refer to it as “Groupon Crack” because once you start it is hard to stop.  Our Groupon Rescue transforms your marketing program and brings customers in for your great food, drinks, service and atmosphere rather than because you are the cheapest.  Click Groupon Rescue for more information about this important program and the perils of using Groupon.

Menu Rescue:  
We will research your restaurant, clientele, and competition then design a menu that reduces your specialized inventory, simplifies your cooking procedures, includes one or more signature dishes, provides excitement, reduces waste and lowers labor costs.  We specialize in menus that appear to be chef inspired but don’t require a chef. When we design your menu, you get unlimited “re-dos” until you decide to implement it.

Rescue Kit!
Get all 24 Forms, Spreadsheets and Manuals listed below for just $500!

Cashier Reconciliation Log:  Complete verification of opening bank and closing bank with logs and drops accounted for

Catering Contract:  Binding, complete contract with description of the menu, beverages, and setup instructions with formulas to calculate the overall cost based on the persons served and/or guaranteed

Reservation Sheets:  A 2 page, customizable format for each day of the week to be used for restaurants with written reservation logs

Food Cost: Input food purchases and sales for an automatic calculation of weekly food costs

Food Cost Overview: An educational piece that reflects the top 7 items affecting food costs.

Food Prep Evaluation: Input prep items and the time it takes to prepare. This form is used for menu revamp and to help evaluate worthwhile labor costs

Menu Item Worksheet: Used for signature dishes or an individual menu item revamp which includes ingredients, preparation notes, server descriptions and promotion notes.

Salad Cooler Stock Prep List:  Common form to be customized for use in any area of the restaurant to determine pars for prep work and stocking.  

Labor Availability List:  Weekly overview of the hours various employees are available to work each day.

Labor Cost Overview: An educational form that reflects the top 7 items affecting labor costs.

Labor Cost Daily Management Critique:  Daily input of daily sales and labor costs plus area to comment for special circumstances that lowered sales and whether management could have sent more people home.  Setup with 14 daily spreadsheets (1 per day) with goal set each day to provide an in-depth look at decreasing labor costs to be more profitable.

Labor Log: Input each employee and the pay, estimated hours to work and actual hours worked. This form is also used in conjunction with the performance tracking log.  

Tip-Out Log Sheet:  Documents amount of tip-outs paid by employees

Alcohol Inventory:  Breakdown of alcohol by type with pars set to facilitate ordering.                 

Alcohol Purchase Log: Track alcohol expenses each week. The figures on this form will be used in conjunction with the Alcohol Weekly Snapshot Form.

Alcohol Weekly Snapshot: Enables the client to input the weekly purchase amount from the purchase log and input the sales to calculate the weekly alcohol profit.

Bus Person Training Manual: Complete 9 page manual with job description and duties.

Employee Policy Manual: Complete 24 page policy manual that covers all aspects of employment, including sexual harassment and workman’s compensation.

Employment Application:  Complete employment application form designed specifically for restaurants and bars.

Host Training Manual: Complete 13 page manual with job descriptions, duties, sample dialogue with customers, and up-selling techniques.

Server Training Manual:  Complete 21 page manual with job description, duties, extensive sample dialogue with customers, and up-selling techniques.  

Performance Summary Detail:  Weekly summary of the various costs to produce sales with stated goals for the week.

Performance Tracking Log: Input the percentage calculated each week for food, labor and alcohol to compare on a weekly basis if target goals are being reached.

Restaurant Sales Log: Tracking of total sales from food and alcohol.

Ultimate Restaurant Manager Program: The complete program with 20 interactive pages of spreadsheets in one Excel document which incorporates Recipe Costs, Daily Production Sheets, Inventory, Food Costs, Usage, Payroll, Schedule, and Product Movement by Register.  These may be pulled out to be used as stand-alone applications or left within this interactive format that is menu-driven.  

Receive all 24 Forms, Spreadsheets and Manuals listed above via e-mail for $500.

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