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The 7 Day Bar Tune-up is customized for each bar depending on what the greatest needs are. If you are like other businesses we have encountered, you will discover there are many more things that could use some improvement than you realized. Below is a sample list of the analysis and work product that are often included at varying degrees of intensity during the week based on needs:

Menu re-engineering – Are your food and/or drink menus attractive? Are they optimized with the high-profit food and drink items located in the obvious places people look at first when they view a menu? Is your menu laid out so it is difficult for customers to easily see what the cheapest thing is on the menu? Does the pricing make sense and does it encourage upselling? Is the menu too big? Does the menu convey the bar’s branding? Our Menu Re-engineering includes the following: 

    • Reviewing the items that you and your staff definitely want to keep and definitely want to kick off the new menu.  Numerous discussions with you to provide feedback throughout the process.  Initially you will have dozens of ideas to say yes or no to and we will take the ideas you like and then fill in the gaps.
    • Analysis of your competition’s pricing of similar items along with your food cost to determine where prices can be increased.
    • Creation of one or more signature items that will be completely unique to your Bar.
    • We will look at incorporating inexpensive items and figure out how to skew some sales over to that area to increase profits.
    • We will look over your vendor purchases to see if there are any ways to save money by changing which products you order or who you order them from.
    • You will have UNLIMITED “re-dos” of the menus until you settle on one that you like.  Each revision should be completed within 2 business days.  
    • Included in the base price is a menu that is suitable for printing. If your menu requires a graphic designer you can use ours or one you have used in the past.

Overhead Reduction - Reducing the costs of normal overhead items that might be overlooked.

    • Determine if there are any procedures in your operations that would reduce overhead costs.
    • Looking at the source of various supplies and determining if there are any savings available. Negotiate with your vendors if necessary to provide additional savings that are on par with their pricing at other locations.
    • Evaluating whether you are properly insured at a reasonable cost.
    • Shopping your credit card processing to 3 different independent credit card processing companies to determine if you are already paying the lowest rates.

Labor Evaluation and Overview - Evaluation of your current staffing and suggestions for streamlining operations to reduce labor cost.

    • Looking at items that are being prepped to determine if some products could be purchased cheaper and prepped on-site or perhaps products could be purchased already prepped to save labor.
    • Evaluating equipment to determine if it is appropriate or if different equipment would improve efficiency.
    • Making sure you are utilizing the latest technology for scheduling, tracking, overseeing and recruiting your employees.
    • Looking at job duties and determining if there are any reallocations or reductions that can be done to lower labor cost.
    • Evaluation of your security camera system and remote viewing capabilities (if any).


On-site Training and Evaluation:

    • Consultants will show up to your place unannounced and “undercover” to your staff and management.  Consultants will be on-site during at least 2 shifts and ask questions of staff to determine how satisfied they are with their employment and your bar overall. It is amazing what staff members will say to “tourists”.
    • Interview a few of your “regulars” with leading questions to see what menu items they would like to see and/or prepare a customer satisfaction survey which would be focused on improving the menu and service.
    • Dining at your primary competition to determine what items are working and not working.  Trying to determine which items are their biggest sellers and figuring out how to improve these items and introduce them at your location.
    • Suggestions for a new décor and/or layout if deemed appropriate
    • Training of bar staff for proper presentation.
    • Training bar staff to maximize tips and customer satisfaction if necessary.
    • Looking at your POS and reporting systems to determine if the right people are getting the right information in a timely manner to monitor performance.


    • Guerilla Marketing tactics are proven Bar marketing techniques that cost very little if anything. We will customize a Guerilla Marketing program for your location which typically includes 15-30 ideas to increase your sales. Guerilla marketing is much more effective than coupons or using services such as Groupon. 
    • Evaluate your signage inside and outside your location.
    • Review any advertising and promotions you currently are paying for to determine if they are a good value for the benefits received. 
    • Evaluate your website and method for updates. Determine if a mobile website with reservation capabilities is suitable for your operation.
    • Evaluate your social media and your management of this important tool.


Branding - Determining if your Bar would benefit from re-branding based on the possibly new direction the Bar will take after the 7 Day Bar Tune-up is completed. We can provide basic logo design in our base price.

12 Months Free Consulting – 12 months of unlimited phone consultation included in the base price.

300% Money-Back Guarantee – If you implement all the suggested recommendations for 12 months and your profits haven’t improved by triple the amount paid, your consulting fees will be refunded.  Your investment in our services is guaranteed provide at minimum of 300% return!

Just give us a call at (800) 653-8575 and we will provide you a flat-rate quote for our 7 Day Bar Tune-up throughout the continental United States. We do not charge travel fees to or from your location. If you qualify for financing, we can finance the 7 Day Bar Tune-up for up to 12 months.

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Our “7 Day Bar Tune-up” is conducted by one or two of our Consultants to improve all aspects of your bar in just 7 days.
It involves our Consultants being at your disposal to do a complete overview of your operation, take a look at your competitors and suggest changes that will maximize your profitability.