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Our Services

Destination Restaurant Consulting provides a variety of services to meet the needs of restaurants and bars.  Below is a partial list of the services we offer.

7 Day Bar Tune-up and 7 Day Restaurant Tune-up:
These are very popular programs where 1 or 2 of our consultants come to your property for 7 days. This package provides 7 days of analyzing and fixing the problems that are keeping you from maximum profits. These programs are customizable based on your needs and typically includes a complete menu re-engineering (with unlimited revisions until you are satisfied), cost analysis, competition price comparison, guerilla marketing implementation, training and implementing methods to reduce your labor and overhead costs.  For more information about these programs, click on 7 Day Bar Tune-up or 7 Day Restaurant Tune-up.

Design Services:  
We coordinate with our designer to achieve the overall branding you desire. This can include a new logo, menu design, signage, and etc.  You will be provided options until you are completely satisfied. 

Groupon Rescue:
Most restaurant and bar owners regret using Groupon.  Some refer to it as “Groupon Crack” because once you start it is hard to stop.  Our Groupon Rescue transforms your marketing program and brings customers in for your great food, drinks, service and atmosphere rather than because you are the cheapest.  Click Groupon Rescue for more information about this important program and the perils of using Groupon.

Menu Re-Engineering:  
We will research your restaurant, clientele, and competition then design a menu that reduces your specialized inventory, simplifies your cooking procedures, includes one or more signature dishes, provides excitement, reduces waste and lowers labor costs.  We specialize in menus that appear to be chef inspired but don’t require a chef. When we design your menu, you get unlimited “re-dos” until you decide to implement it.

Press Releases:  
We work with you to develop a press release and distribute it to local media outlets. 

Exact estimates for our services are available upon request and your satisfaction is guaranteed.  A partial list of the services we provide are:  accounting, acquisitions, auditing, beverage controls, budgeting, business plans, customer feedback, employee benefits, equipment acquisition, exit strategies, financing, food cost analysis, franchising, hiring, inspections, inventory controls, labor cost, licensing, market research, operating procedures, POS systems, site selection, and vendor negotiations.

Restaurant Startup PRO Service:
Our basic Restaurant Startup PRO Service puts two of our consultants on-site at your location for 21 days and includes unlimited telephone support for 12 months. The number of days on-site can be expanded and the activities that are included can be customized according to your needs. For a complete description of our Restaurant Startup PRO service click here.

We have a 4 hour training program designed specifically for servers that teaches them to up-sell and provide excellent service. Program includes mock service with an overall rating done by their peers. Training can be done on-site or off-site.
CONTACT US with a description of your situation and we will provide you with an overview of how we can help you along with a no-obligation quote.



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