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Groupon customers have no loyalty and will only return when the next deal comes in.  Why would your regular customers want to pay full price ever again?

Groupon brings in picky, tire-kicking customers.  They are much more likely to complain online and drive down your online reviews than your regular customers.

Groupon creates traffic which causes your regular, full-price customers to get lower quality service.

Groupon customers don’t tip as well as your regular customers which lowers employee morale.

Groupon makes your restaurant or bar seem cheap and desperate.  The best, most successful restaurants have no reason to consider participating with Groupon.  Often, Groupon is the last-ditch effort to save a restaurant before it closes.

Click here to read a blog post from Posies Bakery and Café describing their significant losses caused by Groupon.

Destination Restaurant Consulting has a special program to save you from Groupon.  Our “Groupon Rescue” transforms your marketing program and brings customers in for your great food, service and atmosphere rather than because you are the cheapest.

The first phase of the Groupon Rescue can be done off-site. It includes:

Implementing a Guerilla Marketing campaign.  Guerilla Marketing tactics are proven marketing techniques that cost very little. We will customize a Guerilla Marketing program for your location which typically includes 15-30 ideas to increase your sales. Guerilla marketing is much more effective than coupons or Groupon. 

    • Review any advertising and promotions you currently are paying for to determine if they are a good value for the benefits received. 
    • Evaluate your website and method for updating.
    • Determine if a mobile website with reservation capabilities is suitable for your operation.
    • Evaluate your social media and your management of this important tool.
    • Shopping your credit card processing to 3 different independent credit card processing companies to determine if you are already paying the lowest rates.
    • Making sure you are utilizing the latest technology for scheduling, tracking, overseeing and recruiting your employees.
    • Evaluating your security camera system and remote viewing capabilities (if any).
    • Evaluating your POS and reporting systems to determine if the right people are getting the right information in a timely manner to monitor performance.

The second phase of the Groupon Rescue is optional and is done on-site.  It includes:

    • One or two of our consultants will be on location at your property for 5-7 days.
    • Create new signature dishes and drinks if necessary.
    • Consolidating your menu and making changes so all items are exceptional.
    • Maximizing your menu layout with highest profit items in prime locations.
    • Compare pricing for key menu items with your competition.
    • Determine if there are any procedures in your operations that would reduce overhead costs.
    • Evaluating the source of various supplies and determining if there are any savings available.
    • Evaluating job duties and determining if there are any reallocations or reductions that can be done to lower labor cost.
    • Determining if your restaurant or bar would benefit from re-branding.
    • Consultants will show up to your place unannounced and “undercover” to your staff and management.  Consultants will be on-site during at least 2 shifts and ask questions of staff to determine how satisfied they are with their employment and your bar overall. It is amazing what staff members will say to “tourists”.
    • Interviewing a few of your “regulars” with leading questions to see what menu items they would like to see and/or prepare a customer satisfaction survey which would be focused on improving the menu and service (optional).
    • Dining at your primary competition to determine what items are working and not working.  Trying to determine which items are their biggest sellers and figuring out how to improve these items and introduce them at your location.
    • Suggesting any décor and layout changes.
    • Training of bar and/or kitchen staff for proper presentation.
    • Training bar and/or front of house staff to maximize tips and customer satisfaction.

Free Consulting – 6 months unlimited phone consulting is included for all Groupon Rescues conducted off-site.  12 months unlimited phone consulting is included for all Groupon Rescues that include the on-site portion. 
Just give us a call at (800) 653-8575 and we will provide you a flat-rate quote for our Groupon Rescue throughout the continental United States. We do not charge travel fees to or from your location. If you qualify for financing, we can finance the Groupon Rescue for up to 12 months.

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Do you need a “Groupon Rescue”?  If you are offering Groupon or one of its clones, you now realize these unfortunate truths: